Map Music

I formed and operated Map Music (initially called Map Records) in Vancouver from 1996 to 2002. I formed Map to support and expose the brilliantly talented electronic music artists of Vancouver, who had been forging a uniquely west coast style of electronic music that the world needed to hear. Over the 6 years of Map, we released these full length CD albums (some of which are still available, noted below):


Welcome To Lotus Land Compilation (shrink-wrapped copies still available)

Mere Mortals - Ethnic Dub Simmphony in Ten Parts (shrink-wrapped copies still available) 

Pilgrims of The Mind - What's Your Shrine?

Phil Western - The Escapist

Cooldown - Ether (shrink-wrapped copies still available)

check them all out here: 


We also released this 12" single: 

and a limited edition DJ promo black label: 

(all tracks from the "Welcome To Lotus Land" compilation, and copies still available)


for info on ordering any of these CDs and vinyl, contact me at 


you can also visit our Facebook page here: