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Good news for Canadian politics. Joe Keithley, who was known as "Joey Shithead" during his punk rock career, including being founder and headpunk of D.O.A., has matured himself into quite a voice for sanity and possibility and community. He says it all best himself: 


"Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Joe Keithley and I am seeking the NDP nomination in Coquitlam-Burke Mountain. I am a lifelong activist who has worked hard for the past 35 years to try to create positive change in our world. I am a musician, a business owner, an environmentalist, a husband and a proud father. If I gain your support and your trust, I will work tirelessly to defeat the BC Liberals. Once we have achieved that I will work around the clock to ensure that Adrian Dix and the BC NDP team restore equality and fairness to the people of Coquitlam-Burke Mountain and B.C. I first joined the NDP at 18 while enrolled at S.F.U. studying to become a civil rights lawyer. Those aspirations were soon put on hold as I embarked on a career in the music business, founding the seminal punk band D.O.A. and running my own record label, SDR Records.


"For the past 35 years I have used my music, passion, and business acumen to work towards achieving my ultimate goal, which is to move B.C. and Canada toward becoming a province and country that reflect the values of kindness, inclusion and social justice that I believe Canadians and British Columbians hold dear. I believe that for me, now is the ideal time to enter formal politics and bring the energies and experiences of the activist community to the NDP to help effect change from within the party once again. If elected I will bring these energies and experiences to the task of tackling the big problems that affect Coquitlam and B.C. head on. Issues such as affordable housing, good paying jobs, accessible health care for all, a proper standard of living for our seniors, the protection of our environment and our natural resources."


from his website:



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