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Rich Landau and Kate Jacoby of Vedge Restaurant in Philadelphia come to the Montréal en Lumière Festival, and created two evenings of gourmet vegan gastronomy at Laloux. We visited Vedge Restaurant in Philadelphia last fall and loved it; we came home wishing something so refined and delicious existed in Montreal, a city where you either have vegan cafes lacking an upscale experience, or higher-end places with meat-centric menus.

So having Vedge create a seven course menu in a fine establishment like Laloux in Montreal could not be missed!

In partnership with chef Jonathan Lapierre-Réhayem, Richard and Kate created dishes we had to spend a few minutes appreciating the originality and uniqueness of; our server talked about each dish so enthusiastically, we forgot we were in a restaurant that normally has one non-meat dish on it’s main course menu. Combine this with perfectly paired natural wines courtesy of David Vincent, and you have a culinary experience that all food lovers must experience in life.

The best thing about this event (happened two nights: February 26/27) is that Kate and Rich proved to those in Laloux and those who attended (who weren’t already sure about this), that vegan food can be fulfilling, delicious, original and presented to a variety of restaurant goers.People loved it, in fact both nights were sold out weeks in advance with waiting lists to attend. 

We had the real experience of what a restaurant could be like that combined an upscale, quality experience, with quality healthy food - a combination not yet offered in Montreal and very much missing. We are looking into what it will take to open a restaurant in Montreal similar to the concept of Vedge, and will continue testing our idea through our dinner party events, the next one being "New Beginnings" on May 4th. More on that in another blog...

Here is the actual menu:



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