1 ~ themes from my musical story

My career in music became somewhat official as far back as 1983, beginning with hosting college radio shows on CiTR FM in Vancouver (Canada), such as the Big Show and Crack Rhythm, and appearing frequently on Homebass as guest host. This continued until the early 2000's.


I co-published three music magazines (over 40 issues), and I've written hundreds of articles, interviews, profiles and reviews for over a dozen magazines in North America, starting as far back as 1983. I've also written bios and press releases for a number of artists and labels including Hardfloor, Planet Dog, Sven Väth, Exist Dance, etc. 


I deejayed in clubs and parties from 1985 until 2002, was a resident at Graceland (Vancouver) from 1987 - 1993, and I've had gigs all over North America and overseas (including guest deejay with Sven Väth at the legendary Omen Club and Ultraschall Munich). 


I guided, managed, represented and promoted independent artists and producers for many years, including co-producing music and remixes (see discography link for all the details).


I spent time in the American music biz working for Silent/Pulse Soniq (San Francisco 1994 - 1995) and as Harthouse Label Manager for Eye Q (Los Angeles 1995 - 1996). 


I booked and managed tours of North America for Sven Väth and Hardfloor, from 1996 to 2000.

I ran Canadian independent record label Map Music in Vancouver from 1996 to 2002, releasing 5 full length CDs of west coast electronica.

My new release "Post Logical" is out now, on iTunes, Bandcamp and Spotify - see section 4.


My self-published book "Discotext Magazine: Vancouver Club Culture & the History of EDM 1988 - 1990" is available via Amazon (Canada/USA) and Seance Center and direct from Vinyl Records at 321 West Hastings, Vancouver - see section 12.


See the "highlights and accomplishments with music and events" page for, well, highlights and accomplishments