14 ~ videos and clips

Almost one hour of raw, unedited footage of a Monster Beat Saturday at Graceland in November 1990, with DJ Mixtress Venus (RIP Debbie Jones). 



 Miss Benny joins hosts Michael Eckford and Tamara Stanners to talk about the Map Music Showcase at the re-opened Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, December 1999.



Below is a music video I made with Jason France for Miss Benny's Cooldown project. I released her "Ether" CD on Map Music in 1999, this was the video for "True Form". Made some rotation on Much Music summer 1999


Shortly after starting Map Music in 1996 (originally called Map Records), fans and friends at Catouzer Media hooked us up with French CBC for a fluff piece for their news show, since Stephane Novak of Pilgrims Of The Mind and Dan Handrabur of Mere Mortals spoke French and provided some nice sound bites.
Remember, this was a news show. We weren't a "party/rave" type thing...


This is a montage of clips I shot walking around the club early on one of my nights at Graceland, this was the Thursday "Nirvana" night (1990) that came out of "Technoclub" (1989) which came out of "Come To House" (1987-88). We had some great decor, thanks to Seattle cohort David Goodall. 



This is an early "music video"/art film I made with Ivo Zanatta and other collaborators in Vancouver in 1984, starring Al Big as a modern day Orpheus.