2 ~ Map Music

I formed and operated Map Music (initially called Map Records) in Vancouver from 1996 to 2002. I started Map to support and expose the brilliantly talented electronic music artists of Vancouver, who had been forging a uniquely west coast style of electronic music that the world needed to hear. Over the 6 years of Map, we released these full length CD albums (some of which are still available, noted below):


Welcome To Lotus Land Compilation - released September 29, 1996

Mere Mortals - Ethnic Dub Simmphony in Ten Parts - released April 27, 1997

Pilgrims of The Mind - What's Your Shrine? - released August 18, 1997

Phil Western - The Escapist - released April 20, 1998

Cooldown - Ether - released May 7, 1999

check them all out here: https://www.discogs.com/label/1782-Map-Music 


We've had a series of new releases, some previously unreleased and many new albums. Check out the Bandcamp page for all the music:  https://mapmusic2.bandcamp.com 


you can also visit our Facebook page here: