4 ~ my releases "Logical" and "Post Logical"

August 2016:
My track "Voyeuring - Overload of Gorgeousness Mix" is selected as the opener for Guido's Lounge Cafe Broadcast "Feeling Good", enjoyable on Mixcloud now:


After a successful debut album, self-arranged, produced, mixed and released, I approached my next release as a collaborative effort, enlisting the talents of my musical co-horts, past and present, to create a selection of songs that are much more musical, atmospheric and thoughtful, while providing a cerebrally emotional experience. Thanks to Ralf Hildenbeutel for pianos, Ramon Zenker for TB303 basslines, and Mark Hjorthoy for guitars. Cover art is again provided by Denis Marsili.


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My Debut Album "Logical":

After years co-producing, promoting and releasing other people's music, it's time for my own album. Here is a collection of music I made during the last two years, assembled with sounds from across the musical and historical spectrum. 

If you need genre, try "Chill Tech Dub Latino Lounge"


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