6 ~ highlights and accomplishments: music, events, etc.


Event Producer:                       

An Evening Of Live Electronica ~ Vancouver, Commodore Ballroom 1999

New Music West: Map Music Showcase ~ Vancouver, Sonar 1999

Succulent Adventure Launch Party ~ Vancouver Rowing Club, 2002

Extravadance Pride Ball ~ Vancouver, Enterprise Hall 2002

Electro Divas live benefit concert ~ Vancouver, Sonar 2002

Dinner at Chez Elaine ~ vegan dinner event (24 guests), Montreal 2012

What We Love - vegan dinner event (31 guests), Montreal 2013


Tour Producer, Tour Manager:             

Sven Väth (world-renowned German DJ)                                      

North America: seven cities in 1996; eight cities in 1998

Hardfloor (world-renowned German live duo)                                                 

North America: nine cities in 1997; nine cities in 2000

Numb (Canadian live band)                                           

North America: 18 cities in 1998 (note: assistant tour manager/visuals producer)


Writer, Publisher:                    

Discotext (37 issues), Import Index (9 issues) ~ Vancouver 1988-1993

Discotext Magazine: Vancouver Club Culture & the History of EDM 1988 - 1990 ~ 500+ page book of 31 issues of Discotext. Self-published December 2014



CD liner notes, bios and press releases written for Warner Brothers, Eye Q Music, Harthouse, Planet Dog, Mammoth Records, Exist Dance, KK Records, Trip N’Spin Recordings, Silent Records, Intergroove, etc.



Articles, interviews and reviews written for XLR8R, Streetsound, Discorder, Wired, Alert, etc.


Music Producer:          

Co-wrote/produced “Dance Like A Flower” by Body Of Light, TSR Records/USA, 1992.

Co-wrote/produced "Dissolve" and "Faust" with Kode 4, released with remixes by Vapourspace and Heavenly Music Corporation, KK Records/Belgium, 1994

Remixed “Crystaline Entity” by Heavenly Music Corporation, Visible Records/USA, 1995

Co-wrote and mixed “Red Ball EP” by Halcyon 3, Trip N’Spin/USA, 1995

Remixed "Suspended" by Numb, Metropolis/USA, 1998

Remix/production "Funky Jam" by Cooldown, Map Music, 1999

Produced and released solo album "Logical", 2014

Produced and released EP "Post Logical", 2016

Produced and released EP "Calling All Love", 2017


Video Producer:

Produced Cooldown music video “True Form”, broadcast in rotation on MuchMusic 1999


Radio Show Host:        

CiTR Fm 101.9 Radio Programs ~ Vancouver 1983 - 2002


Nightclub/event Deejay:                       

Sonar, Lotus Sound Lounge, Chameleon, Odyssey, Mars, Graceland, Faces, etc. in Vancouver from 1985 to 2002, as well as Frankfurt, Munich, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Montreal, Boston, Seattle, etc. globally from 1989 to 2001.


Stage Manager             

Holy Pride Ball 2000

Mondo Pride Ball 1999          


Music Conference Panelist:                              

Berlin Independent Days ~ Berlin, Germany 1990


Music Conference Attendee:                             

New Music Seminar ~ New York 1990, 1993

MIDEM ~ Cannes 1998


Art Exhibit Contributor:

Never Apart Montreal (www.neverapart.com):

The Invite ~ Celebrating the art of the party flyer design in Canada from the late 80's - mid 2000's


Media Expert:

Interviews, profiles, and quotes published in both mainstream and independent media (copies available), including television coverage.

Winner of Province Newspapers “Up and Comer” Award, Music Category, Vancouver 1998


Founder, Owner, Operator, Map Music, Vancouver - 1996 – 2002       

Independent Canadian Record Label and Music Promotions Company

Managed, and developed careers of artists, musicians and performers

Produced and promoted Events and concerts
Booked and managed music tours for local and international performers

Executive Producer, Promoter, Publicist and Sales Manager of five full length CD albums


Label Manager, Harthouse Records, Los Angeles - 1995 – 1996       

German independent record label, division of Eye Q Music

Managed artists relations, tour organization, press, publicity and domestic manufacturing (CDs/vinyl)

Oversaw national radio and deejay promotions, direct sales

Co-ordinated domestic relations with London and Frankfurt offices.


Sales Manager, Pulse Soniq Music, San Francisco - 1993 – 1995       

Independent music distributor, division of Silent Records

Managed direct sales to over 200 retail accounts from a catalog of 3000 products from 500 plus suppliers.

Accountable for research, purchase and importing of products (CDs, records, tapes, videos, merchandise), from companies in many countries.


Manager, Promoter, Fundamentalism, Vancouver - 1992 – 1993       

Independent music promotions and publicity

Managed, represented and promoted careers of local independent music producers


Booking Agent, Promoter, Graceland, Vancouver - 1988 – 1991       

Renowned live music venue, nightclub, and art gallery                                   

Managed promotion, production and delivery of 2 weekly events

Writer, designer and distributer of music promotions magazine Discotext (31 monthly issues)